CloudCamp Bangladesh is Looking for Volunteers!

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As you all know CloudCamp Bangladesh is a Volunteer driven organization. We always welcome volunteers! In fact you are the one who makes all the difference. Please join us! What are we looking for? Here we go, if you think you fit the profile, come on in!!

  1. You are a Tech Enthusiast! You don’t have to be a coder/developer, you can be an organizer, a technical writer, a blogger, a trainer, a student or in fact anyone who wants to help spread the technology amongst everyone in Bangladesh.
  2. If you have spare time, however, if you commit, you COMMIT! Say, you want to provide 20 hours next week, and that’s it! Perfect; or you want to provide 5 hours every week in the summer, Perfect! Or just help out as needed, Perfect! We just want you to provide the time you can afford to provide and willing to do so with your heart and soul!!
  3. We will provide a lot of training, when I visit Bangladesh; or via facebook live, or skype or digital production! You would definitely learn and participate in the latest technology trends, have hands on experience and will be part of innovative initiatives! Then come join us!
  4. Specially, if you are a student, and in the Information Technology sector; you want to know what you should be doing before you graduate.. That is where we come in! And you integral can be part of it!

Very easy to join.. Send and email to We would go through a filtering process; so, hang tight and welcome aboard!

Shahadat Hossain

Shahadat Hossain

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